D.B. Bowles provides an independent GIA Certified appraiser that visits our store once a month to appraise items for insurance purposes. In addition to jewelry, our appraiser can also handle estate appraisals at fair market value.

Please call our store at 757-934-8101 for pricing details and to schedule appraisal appointments.


D.B. Bowles provides the highest quality jewelry repair work for customers in the Suffolk, VA area. Depending on the repair work and parts, our turn around time on most pieces is one week. Some common pieces and pricing we offer are:

Gold/Silver/Platinum Rings – Resize, repair shanks, repair/replace tips and prongs, and replace stones
Gold/Silver Chains – Repair brakes, shorten, adjust/replace catch
Gold/Silver Bracelets – Repair brakes, shorten, replace stones, adjust/replace catch
Watches – In-house Repairs on Quartz Watches – Batteries, repair,replace and adjust bands and buckles, replace pins, as well as repair and replace quartz battery movements.
Eyeglasses – Repair pieces on the laser; guarantee them for 1 month


D.B. Bowles buys precious metals in all forms and strictly adheres to state and local statue and ordinance. We buy precious metals, antique or higher line watches, coins and paper money, and silver flatware. If you have old jewelry or other pieces that are just taking up space in an old jewelry box, stop by our store and we'll work with you to to place value on your pieces and give you fair and accurate compensation.

We require TWO forms of ID including one government issued photo I.D. i.e. Driver’s License & Voters Registration Card (We Do Not Accept Credit Cards as a Form of I.D.). All purchases are reported to the Suffolk Police Department. We will do trade on repairs and retail items.